Apple vs android

I’m so tired of android and its shenanigans.
I’m ready to throw my phone into the fan.
You can’t move apps to the sd card…
Storage is always full of nothing.
They pre load the phone with two music apps that you cannot uninstall.
I’m ready for the apple…
IPhone come to me.
You have such symbolic features.
I have had…over five androids and never had anything other than a iPod touch made by Apple. Apple’s os was here before android so I’m sure they ain’t with the shenanigans.
Apple or android

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I have never had an apple, only android. I like android.

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you could try rooting… if you are just going to toss your phone out you might as well give it a whirl…

I’ll tell you apple is ■■■■■■■■ all around as well… rooting will let you modify your phone from top to bottom basically… I think they call them modules you can add or modify as components on top of the kernel… removing a few preloaded apps should be a breeze…

I’m actually going to make the opposite switch here in a bit.

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just need a better android tbh. If you go apple, you are paying more for nothing. Most use android, thus will have the most support in the future. Apple is dying tbh


I don’t have a laptop or computer. Can I still root it. ?

nah you’ll need a computer to do it… sorry man

I love apple, but my phone came with about ten preloaded useless apps I can’t delete, and there is no spot for an SD card. So I’m not sure an apple would solve your problems.

I love android I never liked apple but apple has some good things but in my opinion android wins

I’ve had both. I prefer Apple. ■■■■ anything else :joy::smile:

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I had Androids. I just bought a new Android 6 months ago at the price of $250. It’s a Huawei, 4G,16GB Rom, 8 cores cpu, 1300pixel. The price was a special offer for The Singles Day. I am satisfied with its speed and photographing. I intend to use it for 3 years. After 3 years I will probably get a new phone. That is the pace of modern technology. If you buy an expensive iphone, it can not lasts forever, you will also have to update your phone in 3 years. That’s too much money !

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I used to own an Android phone - I now own an Apple Iphone 6 and I absolutely love it for its clean simplicity.

Iphones are easy to use - simple yet clever :slight_smile:

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Apple is pretty good. I like macintosh and galas and granny smith. Great apples :blush:


Android, everday, all day for me.

I don’t use Android nor Apple.

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