Appetite suppressant


I have only been taking this for a few days (maybe 10)
just a little over a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar in a dash or so of water.

Drink it before you eat (i take it 3 times a day)

just try for a couple of weeks

i think it has to be the stuff that says “with The Mother” (of cider vinegar)

I normally - even when on a diet - would not be able to go to a fish and chips shop without finishing the entire plate, edgy, ravenous, stuffing all the entire plate in my mouth as quickly as possible and eat all the crispy chips my husband hasn’t eaten.

Normally - no matter how i feel about life - i eat excessive meals and excessive stuff after

I think this stuff seems to have the efficacy of nothing i have ever heard of

  • it is brilliant.

I feel confident that if i went to a pizza restaurant in the next few days I would be able to leave the crust without thinking much about it - to double up and confirm the miracle of the eat-in fish and chips place.

I didn’t even get a very big bottle.

I am getting through it and need to ask if anyone has health fix knowledge about this one?

seem to be enamel eroding and harmful to your oesophagus

if anyone knows please let me know
i will continue to research
but it polarises a bit.

I have found that my appetite changes every time i remember to take it before a meal now


@Thanna Thanks for sharing.

Appetite suppressants that I know are Niacin, Nicotine and L Theanine.


nicotine never worked for me
it kind of doubled my oral fixation


Sigh, mental health number one. Ask dr if something is ok…so much bs on internet…seriously.

Example eggs good/bad
Dairy good/bad
Low fat milk/whole milk

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It’s Bragg organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar

Yeah with pulp of the mother. I used it on cuts and burn.

When I get sick cuz of long qts…I can’t take theraflu, Advil, any decogestant so I use t. It has good properties in bbq sauce, I cook with it. But to use it for weight loss is not safe. It changes ph in stomach,harsh on body, including melting your enamel. And that is only brand to buy.

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I heard you can drink it through a straw?
this might save some enamel?
do you know whether it makes the stomach more acidic?

, the internet is full of bs…; it tenderizes meat when smoking.what does that mean for body.not sure, never bothered to research because not into losing weight. Talk to dr first before drinking

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Hopefully a few tbsp of vinegar is okay…

It goes against obesity as one the biggest health risk for risk of death things out there
I will ask a gp anyway though

Good. You really should run all things by drs or pharmacists. It could interact with say meds. For instance, I can’t eat or drink grapefruit cuz meds

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Your health should come number one; good luck. I have learned to shut off hunger switch cuz had an eating disorder.

The idea of something whicj gives me an off switch
And experiencing it consistently
Need to know if it’s safe

Wait no it doesn’t do that…I’ve done that to my brain. I never experience hunger just get light-headed. However, I eat every 2-4 hours cuz trying to gain. Was 83 and now 125-128. I have quite a substantial amount of muscle which weighs more

I eat to live not live to eat. Plus I enjoy cooking and baking

I’m just off borderline obese
i have been obese for about 2 yrs
along with slightly raised cholesterol i am very low down on the
overall health scale though I have some positives like blood pressure
the weight and kind of food i have been eating uncontrollably for a long time

Have you tried cooking, it makes you slow down and appreciate it more after all the effort?

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Been feeding my husband home cooked food for 10 years

Awesomeness. Do you look at macros and micros or whatever falls outta fridge? Cool you’re prolly closer to my age

Do you exercise?

frequently organic
veg soup, steak, lentil soup, fish cakes, roast chicken,
lots fried fish or meat but mostly follow one ingredient rule when cooking
been introducing foods he never would have touched as well