Appetite increased on risperidone 1mg

You know its my 2nd week on risperidone. I’m now on 1mg, I’ve noticed my appetite is increased.

I wake up middle of the night to eat :frowning:

Can you get a drink of ice water instead? I usually drink water middle of the night to avoid snacking when I can’t sleep.

ive been on paliperidone for about 3 weeks and i notice my appetite is decreased alot, my previous med was olanzapine tho so it makes sense because olanzapine increases appetite the most out of all ap’s so going to one that doesnt as much makes a big difference

i still eat late at night tho but i have been tracking calories pretty successfully so far, increased appetite is common with meds tho but usually over time it isnt as bad dont worry too much as long as your not putting on a bunch of pounds u should be ok

I’m on Seroquel and I get up in the middle of the night to eat a snack. It doesn’t bother me really. My weight never changes.

Right now i wake up at night and eat 2 slices of cheese, then go back to sleep. If start eating something like more carbs, i would prolly decrease my risperidone

Are you going off meds?

1mg is quite low, light maintenance right?

Not going off…will try for few more days…if I wake up multiple times in middle of the night then I might have to just take max 0.5mg

Ok I’m not waking up middle of the night anymore.

I think trivial side effects go away on their own.