Appearing intimidating when you don't mean to be

Be quite tall and well built . Add a loud voice that gets louder when you’re passionate about something( my voice just seems normal to me in terms of loudness)

This is ASD related I think . I’m not sure whether it also can apply to sz or sz-a .

My voice is generally loud. But I get timid when I’m not sure.
People have said that I get really competitive when I’m passionate.

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If I’m honest the voice thing perplexes me . I’ve had quite a few times when I’ve been asked to repeat things or people have misheard what I’ve said . Were they all hard of hearing? Was I talking too softly ? Perhaps my diction is bad ?

I think of a MILLION things and overthink and overthink and overthink when someone say something.
Exactly as you have said, I’m like “What did I do wrong? Oh my goodness! What did I do wrong? Do I need to speak up?”

image Hey, sorry about what I said about your hair. Here’s some candy!!! ^.^

Thanks @anon62973308 for the candy! And no worries!

That’s the girl you truly are!!!

image You must have a lovely body!!

Thank you so much!

I always get the feedback that I’m judging critically. It’s this flat affect. That and half the time I can’t breathe through my nose so I’m a mouth breather and I have my mouth slightly open to breathe and it gives me a pissed off, judgey, blank stare, mouth agape, appearance I think. idk people always say I’m judging them when I’m not, I’m just listening politely.

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I hate the mouth breather thing . When I was a child my parents were frequently commenting about my mouth being open . When I consciously put my lips together I go into something of a panic mode after a few seconds . It’s hard to breath .

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Me, too. I always go into panic mode when my father commands me to close my mouth.
If I don’t close it, he gets mad.

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@firemonkey and @anon10648258 we have to breathe, people are so rude sometimes.


My dad used to reach over and (gently) push my chin up so my mouth closed. It was mildly amusing to him.

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