Appeal to nature

So I’m always wavering between the idea that schizophrenia is just a disease of the brain and another idea that it is something in nature that reflects something basic. I guess I have all these ideas about primitive vs modern, and individual vs collective, and natural vs synthetic, chaos vs order etc. and kind of sympathize more with the primitive and individual and natural and chaotic. That schizophrenia turns me into someone that doesn’t fit into modern society due to not being social and instead being paranoid and withdrawn, unable to work in an industrious manner and creating chaos I kind of see schizophrenia being as a kind of force of nature. In most cases I wouldn’t press the point that nature has a will, but maybe only in something like the brain it could express a will as sort of an incompatibility between a natural order and something that is completely constructed very much against nature. This thinking creates a conflict in me because the nature of schizophrenia is largely unknown and at the same time accelerates this kind of adversarial relationship between modernity and the fundamental disorder and chaos of nature. I title this topic appeal to nature, because is is considered irrational to argue that because something is natural it is good, and that something is synthetic is bad, and clearly schizophrenia and antipsychotic medication would be offered as an example for this I still can’t help but wonder at the nature of the disease and the artificial world that we live in that modern rationality (of science) has gone too far in making the world logical and orderly, and perhaps it would be better for schizophrenics if our relationship to nature was different.


This is way to complicated for me to think about. You are on your own

I think schizophrenia you are disconnected from everything. Including nature. Its a loss of reality. Doesnt matter what world you live in, there will always be a disconnect


That’s a big question for me disconnected from nature. When I say nature I’m not talking about lush meadows, and trees and streams with butterflies fluttering around deer and stuff, I’m talking about nature in the sense of the organic basis of life. Even if all natural stuff was destroyed and we were on a spaceship in outerspace, nature would still be present in our bodies.


If I had schizophrenia 500 years ago, I would’ve been called a saint or a shaman. Too bad my schizo idiosyncrasies aren’t as valued nowadays as they would’ve been then.


Other mammals get schizophrenia. Scientists breed mice for the traits of schizophrenia, for example.

I don’t buy the mystical bent of previous sz people. I think you’d get by with family help because that is what happened and knowing about herbs/medicine would have been a real skill back in the hunter gatherer days. I’m not sure a symptomatic person would be good at that.

It’s a modern day opinion which is tainted by little actual information as to how our ancestors lived before industrialisation. Sure there’s some people in history that seemed to be suffereing a mental illness but it’s all tainted by historical records that may not be at all accurate. That is just my opinion on the Shaman argument.

Or burned to death as a witch or warlock.


Im entertained by the shaman suggestion but really Im not concerned with how sz would be seen by other cultures. I just see how it is dealt with today and see it as just another thing in nature pushing an artificial world. I dont think that just because it is natural it is good but that the society has a known bias against nature that if that was turned down then maybe treatment would be better

I dig your dialectics and sympathize w yr thinking. No solution to my this gobbledygook. Certainly not with a head full of APs and APA BS…

I relate and comprehend wjhat your saying–to be honest i think its a western romanticism with being individualistic and rebellious thats created these idea of schizophrenia because we all know what real schizophrenia is and its not a magical shaman experience–im guilty of romanticising my illness and using fiction to glamorize it to make it seem less painful but–it robbed me of my mind, it stole my future from me and so you can see beauty in the mosiac of a fractured life yes—but you also have to be honest too.

I also feel ike there are versions or types of what they call schizophrenia or types of madness–like there is the one my mom is in often her made up fantasy world where one day she was the daughter of JFK and he’s still alive and owns millions of stocks in Pepsi Cola and the other day she’s just my mom happy to see me–

and there is my version of madness where i feel like Im living in a collapsing universe where the cables run against me and electricity was engineered to steal my Gifts–haha–where I can literally manifest whatever I desire on a piece of paper with a pen scribble–where i have to control my thoughts or my nightmares become reality–and so do my dreams and miracles–and no one will believe me but when I am all alone–and i have no evidence to provide to the naysayers it happens–a star falls into my hands, a pebble flies across the room, a door opens itself, i get locked from outside in a room alone, i see bubbles appear like fairies i have to compel some kind of snake back to hell–i have ask for help until it stops–literally ripping myself out from the underworld and its not real–and then they leave–and it starts again–the doll watches me–the record player crackles and i see the shapes moving and things move about untouched by me things twist and reality itself literally changes paintings change into differenbt paibntings, like colors mismatch people no longer exist who used to–and recently riooms full of ghost or people fully detailed people all looking calm and right into my soul like watching over me but completely quiet…just quiet–but moving around doing stuff and sitting down or walking around and then looking at me…patiently waiting for me to wake up as if in a different place and yeah that is freaking scary but no no i mean more than that im not delusional people just wouldnt be,ieve me i have reached for things like an orange bic lightger and it threw itselfa cross the room and it was after someone i knew died and i think it was a sppirit mad at me for being about to smoke a cigarrette so yeah and the color orange just not a good color–so yeah tghere is a spiritual aspect…

I spent my whole childhood outside talking to God who was the wind/sunshine and pretending trees were alive because i saw faces in trees like fairies --one day I saw a yellow troll in a marble and my mom was on prozac and thats when things became dark it was after my 8th bday im also thinking that porcelain doll christina is haunted because that was what i got for my bday lol but dont wanna go beyond that so like ever since my 8th year old birthday my life has felt cursed by madness–and supernatural activitiy jhust no one beklieves me

My mom also has something in her past related to the FBI/911/Dusquesne and a Protest and interrogation which made me speculate about the schizophrenia being a government plot too and its like–I cant win, because i take the pills great—because I cant pretend brainwash myself into forgetting the truth…so I cant really say what schizophrenia even is other than what they say it is

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