Apparently this is a debate?

Apparently there is two schools of thought when it comes to targeted weight loss. Some say you loose weight all over. Some say you can target. And apparently it’s a great debate. I looked it up because I have been working out legs almost every other day and I have noticed my legs lost weight but my belly hasn’t. So maybe I am able to target? Which is good news. Because there is two different schools of thought I think it means it must vary from person to person.

As an anorexic in recovery, I’ve learned your body puts fat goes wherever it deems necessary. You can tone those fatty areas with weight lifting.

Oh so maybe I am just toning?

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Depends on volume or how heavy, but yes. Some say it’s ok to workout abs every day, but they’re mistaken. Remember to take rest days which sounds like you are. Good luck…it’s hard especially cuz of meds

Yes, it is difficult to slim one area of the body down. Your body will determine where to pull the fat from, and you don’t have control of it. Generally, however, the most recently deposited fat is lost first, but it can be extremely variable. Hitting targeted areas, such as the abs with crunches, helps build muscle and lean out, but it doesn’t result in weight loss just in the mid-section. To target specific areas of fat like the love handles requires something like liposuction. Some seem to lose more in certain areas quicker, but this is more genetics.

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