Apparently I've got cystitis

How bad did your cystitis get?
The mornings are bad. I actually feel like sitting on the toilet all morning.

Omg it’s so bad yesterday in the orning and this morning it’s horrible

Sorry to hear that. It’s an awful thing to have. Hope it clears up soon.

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Thankyou it really is annoying.

I remember i had a urinary tract infection several years ago, and i actually peed blood. I didn’t feel any pain with it though, it was really strange. Hate that urgency feeling though. Are you on antibiotics? Hope it clears up soon.

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Thanku oh that didn’t sound good if u peed blood. I’m not peeing blood but wen I wipe in the morning sometimes there’s a little red yes.
Yes I’m going to start the course tomorrow its only three days course not so bad…

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