Apparently I've been cheating

And I didn’t even know. This guy on Instagram keeps messaging me I think in Punjabi. I think it’s Punjabi I can just about read it. He says I’ve created a fake account to cheat on him. I don’t know if I should respond or just ignore

It’s either a scam or a creep, either way best to ignore and block.

He also could have you confused with someone else, but the block and ignore is still applicable.


Sounds like a skam??? Lots of rubbish and they look for replies…Ignore!

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Scam. I get similar. Plenty of emails saying that there name is Dara or whatever in broken english and that BT is gonna cut off my internet for illegal usage. Im not even with BT.

I wont repeat what i usually send back to them - but i assure you its highly insulting (including pictures of erect dog dicks). Its that or dating scams i get thru on a regular basis - i will wind them up for a bit sometimes when im bored.

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