I just want to apologize for my temper yesterday. My feelings are were in the right place, but I felt like the " mother lion" again.
Firemonkey: so sorry-I was not actually talking to you. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings-but it was not towards you at all. I was also stating an opinion. It would be terrible if you did not post here! I would not want anyone to be unable to post. That was my whole point, really.
Very sorry to everyone for my outburst. Hope you guys can forgive me.

Truth be told i was more than a little paranoid yesterday. I realised that i should not have aired my concerns publicly and was second guessing that everyone thought i had irredeemably blotted my copy book.
Your comments were fair.

**Thanks. ****Sorry-you were fine. It was all me-trying to protect. I fought like heck over my son. Every doctor, nurse, judge, hospital. I am so used to fighting-you would think I was in a war. Sometimes, I think things are behind me ( and they are ) but I really need to get a grip. . **