Apology to neveragain. I was totally wrong to have done what I did

Dude, @neveragain I was really being too sensitive about my game. Nobody plays by the rules and I thought it was just you…turns out it was just a sentimental thing that I really enjoyed this game with friends in college and I am too touchy when it comes to those memories. I hope you will forgive me…I don’t blame you if you don’t. I lose friends and family members all the time because of my temper…


none of us perfect jukeboxtc.

I dont know the details of what happened @jukebox, but one thing is very clear to me, you are a straight forward kind of guy - and yes no one is perfect

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Right on it’s water passed down the pipe bud.

Genghis Kahn or wrath of khan?

haha…cute…yes, I’m a “hothead”…I get my feelings hurt way too easy and my anger is no excuse…

I’m glad you guys made up.

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