Apologized to my old boss in the military

The Col I worked for in the Marines when I got sick wished me good luck on my second year anniversary with the IRS on linked in the other day.

I gave him hell. Kept saying I wasn’t sick and threatened to resign when they wanted to put me in the wounded warrior battalion. He said I had a medical condition.

It took me six years to figure out he was right. I got sick in 2008. I just made two years on the same job just now. It took a long time to get here.

I told him I owed him an apology that he was right. I have a medical condition and he said no apology needed. He said it was obvious I had one and nothing could be done until it was figured out and treated.

He said if I see an audit for him to throw it in the shredder and added a smiley face.


He sounds like a class act. I wish there were more people like him around.


Sounds like a decent human being. I’m glad your got to apolgize to him. I did plenty of dumb things when I was psychotic but I eventually learned what is what just as you did.


@TomCat hey man I am glad you are in a good place now… It took me close to five years to realise about my condition … I did my fair share of apologies too.


Kudos to you for the apology and even though he jokingly rejected it he was probably ultimately grateful to hear of your recovery.

Take care and thank you for your service.



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