Apocalyptic phenomenon

year 2050man has finally gone and created his own God and His imagehey Plasmaticssurfaced supperfishel conducter made it possiblefor the first Plasmatics manit was not for the fair of one’s own imagethat technology was the downfall of bothprophesized by the great Dr zen

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We don’t know the future exactly. But we know the patterns from the past and today will stretch into the future. The Future is a myth, The Past does not exist. There is only the current moment of about a 3 Second space-time chunk that our brain can take in reality and process as NOW.

ALL gods are created by humans. Some gods are created in the image of a POWERFUL MAN. Some gods are different kinds of Animals or a mix of things.

What are Plasmatics?

Time doesn’t really exist either so the 3 second theory maybe not be correct

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Space-time is known as a flexible canvas/playground/fabric/home for matter and energy to do their things inside of. It’s an awesome fabric, influenced and warped by the energy and matter it houses. gravity is a weird not fully understood force that bends the particle/wave of light, time, and space.

We will keep learning more complex nuances of the observable behavior of the universe(s), and adding to our descriptions of those rules and theories we call living science.

Each one of us can have our own visualization and perception of these things. I say around 3 seconds, because it seems like a loose amount of “time” to process a “moment.” It’s just a snapshot of the bio-electro-chemical things “happening” in your brain and other organs.

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And maybe take in at the same “time” that you have an illusion or understanding (its hard to tell what) of much more phenomena in that snapshot that extends beyond your personal body. It can include all bodies of the species, all “life forms” and extend to non organic life. The imagination is what it is called, but it can be very much simulated as a “real” experience if you let it. so every moment is incomprehensible and includes infinite cosmic activity. but we must sometimes narrow down the scope of awareness and be “in our body.” “as our self”

being “open to cosmic activity” is like being a radio antenna so you pick up on patterns and waves of information and noise. It has to be translated before we think we understand the noise and we have all kinds of funny ways of making sense out of cosmic noise. Sometimes it is explained as our heart leading us. or God telling us what to do. Or some other outside influence giving us directions. The imagination combines with the sensory information noise that is usually filtered out and we make hallucinations and delusions or visions happen. At least that’s how I explain my self and my experiences.