Aphantasia: why a Disney animator draws a blank on his own creations

I’ve mentioned having aphantasia before.


The interesting thing is the number of people with it who have good ability at art, and are good spatially.

As for me I draw like a 6 year old, and when it comes to spatial intelligence based on online tests, which tend to exaggerate in an upwards direction, my median score is in the 4th percentile .

You seem to rely an awful lot on the results of online test.
They’re online tests, not professionally done by professionals with an education.


We all have our quirks. Just some more than others. The spatial thing I was aware of ,ie having great difficulty with, long before I ever saw an online test.
School reports mentioned my poor ability at geometry which has a strong spatial component to it.
I’m not saying online tests are perfect,far from it, but the truth is such tests tend to boost your score to massage your ego,rather than do the opposite . Therefore my spatial ability,in reality,is likely to be lower rather than higher than such online tests indicate.

Am I harming anyone else with doing such tests? No. Could there be much worse things I could be into ? Yes.

When I start harming people with anything I have an interest/obsession about then get back to me.

Drawing with the left side of the brain…

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