Apathy. Apathy

My negative symptoms are like that.

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yep me too. it comes and goes for me

Yeah I really do want to celebrate when especially those long stretches of them go away.

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yep indeed its a real good win when we get a break

I feel like it’s more about just continuing to be yourself, and trying to find where you fit in to the niche of the world. I know people, but I am sometimes still pretty lonely, but I am finally making my peace with it. I think accepting where we fit in the world is part of it.

Once you fell of the horse with a psychotic episode is difficult but not impossible to ride again. You lost confidence. It takes time like the psychosis took time to build up. Maybe you take the wrong dose of medication. It takes time. Be patient with yourself. Talk to a psychologist or councellor.

I tend to march to the beat of a different drummer myself. Most of my goals are far off and distant. I have worked hard before, but most of the time I don’t work hard at anything…

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