Apathy. Apathy

I struggle with apathy most of my life. Lack of interest in things normal people have interests in.

How can I inspire myself or motivate myself to develop interests in life.

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I’m not sure. I’ve been struggling with not enjoying things I always enjoyed before like playing the piano. But I am interested in dieting and exercise so it’s not horrible, but it’s still prevalent

I had apathy as a child and overwhelming feelings of hopelessness.

It went away thankfully or it slowly got better and better and better.

It didn’t happen overnight.

Apathy went to depression n then less so.

Try to say kind words to yourself everyday.

I have started looking in the mirror every day and saying I love you and other nice words.

Read Louise hays book you can heal your life.

Try to find little things to look forward to like going on a bus ride or meeting someone you love or having a drink you enjoy etc

Pepp talk yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Watch a comedy and positive films you enjoy.

Wishing you well.:two_hearts::slightly_smiling_face:


I am also wanting to play piano/keyboard. Guitar is too difficult. I had tried it but decided it’s not for me. With keyboard at least one can play with headphones. And it’s easier.


I feel unmotivated to play.

It is sitting in my room for many years.

I feel I don’t like my body and that is one reason why I feel uninspired.

It’s like I need to like myself first before I can like doing things.!

I wish I liked myself.

I hope you get back to playing the piano one day.

I want to learn to like my body as it is now too. Not just when I’ve lost the weight. But it’s hard to logically reason myself to like it. That’s where I’m stuck.

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People always say be kind to yourself, be self compassionate but I don’t know how.

Maybe I need to say I like you in the mirror I’ll give it a go and see if I can make myself believe it lol!!!

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I only started doing so because Louise hay said to do so.

Look in the mirror and say I love you and it might not feel true in the beginning but forse yourself to say it anyway.

Also “ I love myself just as I am”.

I have been doing this for almost a month most days I remember.

If you check out Louise hay on YouTube she has guided meditation.

I have been doing her guided meditation for almost a month now.

I did guided morning meditation this morning about being grateful for the bed and fridge and everything you have and focus on what you do have.

In the morning meditation you also hear that you will have a great day and that you approve of yourself.

If you don’t want to do guided meditation just do the mirror work.

It only takes a few seconds to say I love you and it can do wonders.

When I was hearing voices guided meditation did not help me because I was too messed up but now I’m more stable I believe it can do wonders.

The morning meditation is about 24 minutes.

It’s called Louise hays morning meditation.

Go to YouTube and write Louise hays morning meditation.

There are other ones like love yourself meditation too.

“ I approve of myself “

“ I love myself just as I am”

“ I am worthy of my love”

“I deserve love and I accept it now”

Some nice words to say or hear or both.

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Apathy is tough and I deal with it. I’m just not interested in day to day activities.

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I’m pretty apathetic too

I just pace back and forth, I don’t enjoy things anymore.

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I’m stuck on my weight issues too, but I’m losing so hopefully it helps.

Thankyou Sacred Neigh those are preciuous words.

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I no longer do most things i just watch Netflix or play on my computer

For me it’s about embracing what you find interesting instead of what they find interesting. I feel like apathy comes from feeling like you don’t fit for some reason so it creates the illusion that things don’t matter because there’s no sense of belonging or purpose. I think the reason for this is because we try to be “normal” or fit in to a mold that goes against our being. I’d recommend to find a balance between normal and what you internally believe or find interesting or worthwhile.

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I’m with you my apathy is terrible. I try to read or get interested in a hobby and I’m just blank about everything.

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This rings true to me. I feel I don’t belong so things just don’t matter it seems.

Maybe I need to readjust my priorities about sense of belonging and doing what I like /studying what I like.

But I don’t know if I can lower the priority of sense of belonging? Maybe it is just a natural priority/need? By human nature

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I don’t feel good that I don’t want to do anything it’s only 8.30pm. I don’t like this. It’s as if it’s a chemical thing in my brain. I just really feel like I should do nothing. I’ll try to push myself to draw.

My apathy comes and goes, just like the rest of my negative symptoms. Lately it’s been pretty bad.

i get these restless times where everything seems not worth doing yet i dont want to be sitting still. like its too boring to sit on the couch but nothing seems exciting enough to do.

Just recently heard a suggestion to celebrate the tiny good things when they happen those days like it’s a major cause. I think it’s a good one.

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