Apartments ask for making three times rent

I make 1096 on social security. My payee says I need to be on a lease. How do people live alone on social security?

Cosigner yo! They’ll have to report their source of income. It’s still possible.

I can’t find a cosigner

I am confused here. The person you pay says you need to be on a lease? Are you not on Section 8 housing? (Sz dx qualifies.)

Representative payee is the full term. They represent the government for managing the budget.

Got it; yes, SS-ese for conservatorship administrator.

They aren’t, thats the point.

Homelessness is a breeding ground for hate,angst and ultimately chaos.

And THAT is the ultimate goal.

They just want to make sure they’re going to get paid. It does make rising out of homelessness difficult, but that is just a side effect of them seeking security in their contract with the tenant.

Having seen it from their POV, I understand why. Sz pts sometimes think they paid rent when they didn’t. And then get exceedingly hostile when the landlord tries to explain that they didn’t.

My rent went up 3 fold where I use to live along with everybody else so I left.

Unfortunately I ended up where I don’t want to be AGAIN.

Its a concerted effort to push us all over the edge into chaos

As long as you stay cool with your way of life and that way of life isn’t setting societies growth back then you should be good.

It’d be a form of discrimination and an invasion of privacy to find out/treat schizophrenics differently. It’s just standard, but perhaps a uniform preventative measure put up to cover such circumstances.

Lol. OCD sucks but regarding life management it sort of helps. I’ve been thinking about the bills due a week from now about every 10 minutes for the last 48 hours. The most important thing to me is maintaining my house.