AP side effect I usually get what is this?

I have a rough time describing this particular feeling/side effect to my pdocs and they act like I am just being difficult. I got it from every AP I have ever taken, even at low doses with the exception of Rexulti (didn’t work) and Abilify (akathisia).
I was on 40mg of Latuda for 2 weeks while on 2mg of rexulti to taper down/up. I did get akathisia for a few days and it went away (couldn’t stop moving, felt like I was crawling out of my skin and like I wanted to rip someone’s head off). At the end of 2 weeks I was to come off Rexulti completely and go up to 60mg on Latuda. Now I have the very familiar side effect where I feel a little sad, like this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. The only way I can describe this is maybe it is a little anxiety but feels more like I just finished a long crying fit, where I am still upset (but I’m not upset) and still shaken. I have even had this when I took Reglan for GI issues. What is this? I have heard some people describe akathisia this way but it is much different. It doesn’t come and go, it isn’t as severe or debilitating as akathisia but it sticks and it’s awful, doesn’t respond to anything and never goes away until the med is removed. I have no appetite (I rarely gain weight off of APs because of this, sometimes I have had uncontrollable vomiting as another side effect), and lose interest in doing anything. I wouldn’t say I have no emotion as the side effect is an emotion. If it weren’t for that then yeah, no emotion. One pdoc said this was secondary negs caused by APs my current pdoc says it isn’t and that I’m making this up.

Thanks in advance. Any ideas you can share might be helpful.

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I attempted a public dinner on akathisia and ended up crying because of the sheer torment. Really made me feel like crap, and then embarrassed.