Anything good about Abilify

I have been reading the posts here about Abilify. My doctor wants to switch me from Haldol to Abillify. All I have seen are bad things about it. Has Abilify helped anyone or had any success stories. Is the consensus that Abilbify is no a good med?


I’ve been on abilify for a year and 3 months… it’s okay! But of course everyone is different. I haven’t had any side effects (unlike when I was on invega)

I don’t really have anything to complain about with abilify. It doesn’t subside my symptoms as well as invega but maybe it’s cause I started taking abilify after my second break and not my first.

I’m on 15mg

You can’t really compare your experience to others. For some like me it was worse than being unmedicated but for others its the best med. We all have different body chemistry. Whats the reason you want to change meds? Anyways go with your Drs advice.

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Haldol is causing me Parkinson’s like symptoms. My hand is shaking, my balance is off, and my walking is terrible. She first mentioned Artane, then she suggested I take Abilify only at 10mg. I am currently on 7.5 mg of Haldol. Haldol has kept me stable for 35 years. My the movement disorders are affecting me.

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Then I would try Abilify but know that for some it causes akathisia or anxiety. Again it might be the perfect med for you.

I’ve been on it for 7 years and I’ve been stable for 7 years.

The side effects for me are:

Increased anxiety
Increased blood sugar (I have to take Metformin now)

You can suggest to your psychiatrist to take you off ap since you have been on it for so long as dopamine in our brain decreases with age, who knows you might not have positive symptoms now as there are research showing that people after 10 years of schizo diagnosis experiencing no positive symptoms and recovered


Who told you some people will recover after 10 years?

I’ve been on it for about 18 months. Here are my experiences:

  • it’s good at everything

  • except for it’s bad with addictive behavior.

-it’s also cheap. Like $30 for a 90 day supply.

Abilify has worked for me. I’m on 30mg and it’s stopped most of my psychotic symptoms. Now I just have to deal with depression


I read that a third of people with sz will fully recover after 10 years on antipsychotics


From my understanding a third improve, a third stay the same, and a third get worse.

Not sure where I got this from tho

Abilify is one of the best antipsychotics, yes some people had bad experiences with it but you should definitively try it. :slight_smile:

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Do you notice cognitive impairment from the Abilify compared to the invega…?

I was unusually tired on abilify so I stopped it, and now on haloperidol. That is going ok nothing helps the voices or paranoia though. Everything makes me paranoid. The world seems like they are purposely doing things against me to hurt my mind.

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I haven’t got any sideeffects from abilify, i barely notice i take it, but it lessens my depressive periods.