Anything for insomnia....?

I’m struggling since coming off aps in April. While I feel amazing in many ways and no longer suffer from many of the symptoms I had before (negatives, panic attacks, extrapyramidal), I don’t sleep at regular times and can’t focus or concentrate.

I’vn’t any commitments or responsibilities, though I exercise regularly. Being more mentally flexible means I can do various things online, while this is fun, none of it takes more than maybe 2 minutes, which is the length of my attention span right now. So I can’t do movies or tv shows or even reading books. It would just be a collection of two minute bursts in my memory, which I would only hazily remember. This seems to wax and wane, but its only been a few months, so I don’t know where its heading.

I never stress, as whatever happened 5 minutes ago is usually scrambled and hard to retrieve. I can get memories back, but its often disorganized and I can rarely if ever make sense of things.

My next thing is to try and see if sleeping regularly (without using high doses of antipsychotics) can happen. Eps and, weirdly enough, psychotic breaks, made me less functional on atypical aps, so I would like to see if just sleeping a regular 5-8 hour shift around the same time everyday might straighten me out.

And then I might be able to lead a more full life as I would like to.

TL;DR: Any tried and true insomnia cures which can help you get your schedule back on track?

L-theanine maybe? It made me very sleepy

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I’m gonna call the doctor and ask to try lunesta.

Also gonna talk to him about gabapentin for mood swings. I think there might be some mood issues, I don’t think its bad that I’m happy though. It doesn’t swing to the extreme.

Also gonna think of buying an ultraviolet light box.

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