Anyone with TMJ?

I have had this dis-alignment for 30 years. Working on it today. Probably comes from smoking and leaning on my hand. Feels good to keep my jaw aligned, It is a challenge.

What if a misaligned jaaw dis-contorts the brain fissurers and the cerebral spinal fluid doesn’t flow correctly.

Always trying.

My jaw clicks quite often when eating . It’s not painful for me .

Mine happened suddenly. Hospital said I have muscle issue in my neck due to my psych meds. I take medication for the neck and I just have to tolerate my tmj.

I have had it since age 25 (10 years now). It was a lot worse back then, it slowly got partially better, but every now and then when I’m eating my jaw will pop and I’ll experience a severe jolt of pain and usually I’ll go “Ow!!!” when it happens. It’s on the right side of my jaw.

It’s like if you have loose scissors that get caught overlapping but you keep squeezing them harder and harder until they realign and snap shut. That’s kinda what chewing with TMJ is like when it flares up.

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