Anyone with their forehead swelling with meds?

My forehead /frontal sinus area is growing like a ball when i am on aps but it went away after i quit meds

it is like this:

image image

is it another evidence that sinusitis and mental illness are linked to each other? can anyone relate?

p.s. the photos are from the internet

I’ve heard of allergic reactions, but nothing on an infection or inflammation in the forehead area.

Maybe, a medication like Cogentin (Benztropine), would help.

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i just found that it is a condition called “ pneumosinus dilatans”

Wow. Expansion of the “paranasal sinuses”
Good find.

I have had swelling in the brain, mostly remarkable in the midbrain, but really all over. For me it was probably because of inflammation. I started taking anti-inflammatory herbs, drink and food and it slowly regressed back to normal and non irritable.

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what are that? 1515

A lot of herbs or food and drink that are fruit or vegetable can help counteract inflammation. Just google it and you will see.

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