Anyone with Tardive Dyskinesia? What do you take?

Mine is fast blinking and squeezing my eyes shut. It triggers mouth movements (almost like I’m making a fishy mouth). Luckily, it isn’t constant. But when it is happening, it’s like seeing out of a strobe light. Even my “normal” blinking is faster than usual. It gives me a headache right between my eyes.

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I had those symptoms but my eyes never really blinked too fast. They squeezed tight like at the end of an orgasm :smirk: and I had those fishy mouth movements.

The movements made my cheeks and jaw hurt, and they would come out of nowhere, even if I wasn’t talking.

lol! You should open your eyes WIDER for that so you can see your partner!

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Hehe :smirk: :grin:

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I have TD and I don’t take anything. They tried to give me Akiniton, but it just made it worse.

Where did you find out about Saphris having a high probability for TD? That’s one of the meds I’m considering switching to since Invega is causing TD>

I have td pretty bad dont take anything for it because nothing has helped it. Been on cogentin and benadryl and a few others dont work just deal with it.

There are two TD meds that are relatively new, one’s called Ingrezza. Has anybody tried these? I don’t really have TD, just akathisia, but I always worry it could develop.

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I have it mild and take nothing.

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I don’t have TD but tremors and two Benedryl everyday works great