Anyone with experience with Prolixin (oral)?

Pdoc put me on 5 mg twice a day of Prolixin yesterday. So far, so good. No side effects. @77nick77 I know you were on something ungodly like 130mg at one point. How did it work for you? Would you recommend it? I was on Seroquel 200 mg and I gained 25 pounds in 5 days. Yes, that’s right, 25 in 5 days. I yelled at my pdoc and called her incompetent for putting me on that crap. Some people here seem to do okay on Seroquel, but I had the munchies 24/7. Bottomless abyss for a stomach. As to the Prolixin, I had complete symptom relief in a matter of hours, especially my intrusive thoughts, paranoia, and my horrible thought disorder.

Prolixen worked for me for about 20 years. At the beginning it made me fatigued. I was on many different doses. While I was working at my first job after being diagnosed I was on 40 or 50 mg. I was dragging myself along all day at work, always tired. It didn’t help that I got addicted to crack around that time and that my friends were coming to my house at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning almost every night to go with them to get some beer or drugs or whatever. They weren’t working. I was. Those were some chaotic years. But yeah, anyway, my doc slowly tapered me down 5 mg at a time until I was on 2 1/2 mg.I was on the low dose in 1988 until I relapsed and they raised the dose again. But you have to remember, when I was on these high doses I was in my twenties. If they put me on a high dose now I would probably be exhausted. I didn’t gain any weight on it, in fact I lost 25 lbs. As you know it’s hard to compare medication and doses with someone else. But I had terrible Akathesia early on when I was on prolixen. It diminished in the nineties but didn’t disappear completely. I have only tried 8 or 9 different medications but prolixen was the only one I could tolerate until I got put on respeidone which I’m on now.

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Hi Alien~
My son has been on prolixon injections for some 10-15 years. In the beginning, he was sleepy-but got through that. I wish I knew what the dosage is-but I would have to pull some teeth to get that info. It was increased 6 months ago-but he started to develop tremors, akathesia…some of this was also due to too many cokes and energy drinks. He now is back to his old dose, which seems to be working ok. He still has some problems with negative symptoms. When not stressed, he is fine. Hope this helps

Oh-he gets this injection once a month I want to say 25 miligrams a month-but I`m guessing.

I was on 5 mg of Prolixin for a while, in addition to 160 mg of Geodon. The Prolixin didn’t seem to do anything for me, maybe that’s because it was such a low dose.

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@77nick77…Thanks for sharing. So far this has been the best med I’ve ever been on. I had a psychopharmacologist that wanted to put me on it once Risperdal failed. That was 1996. Worked miracles. Then these “designer drugs,” as I call them, came out and I was loaded up on Zyprexa, then Seroquel. This was also 1996. Glad to be back on it! It’s up to 5 mg 3 times a day now, and the only side effect I have is a slight tremor in my left hand. I can live with that for all the dividends it pays.

Hey @anon40540444 glad you found an effective med for you - good luck with it