Anyone with catch-phrases?

My partner would say “Harper” “Bin Laden” and his name often & randomly…


Nope. Not really. Other than the name Alexander Struck by Lightning which came out of no where.

I did used to believe I’d run into Bin Laden, the bad one, (I know it’s a family name), out in Iowa in 96’. We had tea. When I told him the mdma I was selling consisted of bone dust he said “Hmmmm. Bone dust? There will be bone dust (God willing) THERE WILL BE BONE DUST!!!” He then boxed my ears and I woke up later in bed with a girl who read me poetry and told me I had to love her.


But yes I’ve known people with sz who had little catch phrases they’d just throw out there. Like my friend Jon would just say at random “brain bugs…braaaaain buuuuuugs!” People tended to just think it was hilarious.

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I wonder if there was a meaning to it though…
And yes, Harper as in Canada’s Harper and Bin Laden the bad guy…

Haha, of course and I had no prblm with it. I don’t think anyone had a prblm with the catch phrases. Actually really cute.

What is catch-phrases. Have to perform a search…

Um. I think like something you say a lot that maybe is unique to you.

Like there was this guy in my last treatment program who always would say “We have fun right?” and he’d say that so often that it was like his “catch-phrase”


It’s a word or expression repeatedly said…

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Life is a state of flux.

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anytime something small is wrong I like to say “thanks Obama”…haha…

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My mother was a news buff, and whenever there was a new figure in the news she would start repeating their name until she had learned it. Like “Ayatollah Khomeini,” or “Olympia Dukakis.” It was funny to listen to her washing the dishes or doing laundry! (She was “neurotypical” though.)


My favorite one is - “Being right all the time nearly killed me.”


I don’t have a catch phrase but my family and I love to quote movies and find ourselves repeating lines all the time. One that my brother and I frequently say is from the movie Horrible Bosses.

“So you do know the movie!”

Good movie, funny scene. It’s odd but that line is the best in the entire movie and by far the funniest joke.

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My sis and I can hold entire conversations on specific movie and book references, inside jokes and catch phrases… the rest of the family gets annoyed… “Are other people allowed into your club?”

I have to admit… some of my word salad phrases did become a normal part of our vocabulary…

The one that is still around is “sheesh in a marina” Which means nothing on it’s own… but I used to say it when I was finished with a conversation. sort of like “enough already”

My sis picked it up and she uses it too… I know what it means.

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I think the catch phrases is really a cute thing. It’s absolutely harmless and makes people smile. I never understood if it had a meaning for my partner, but it doesn’t matter. It’s definitely one of the least “annoying” symptons.
My partner did word salad also. He would write all his thoughts on paper which could seem confusing for others, I only read it to see whether he was having a good day or a bad one…

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