Anyone with a degree working in their related field?

Good luck! @bittercat

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I have an MBA and my wife and I own our own business. I also have an aircraft mechanics license but didn’t work in that field very long at all.

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I don’t have a degree, but I’m being trained to take over as director of my library when my boss leaves.


I have a B.A. degree in psychology. I like to think i use it every day having schizophrenia. I worked in the field for 2 months but ended up quitting that job. I was putting in 60 hour work weeks because people always called off. What made me quit was a small riot on the adolescent wing. We did like 20 take downs. The kids were all fighting one another. It was then i realized this place did not help people. It just medicated them until they left. I havent worked in my field since. But im thinking of going back for a masters degree


I took some psychology classes as electives. One teacher told me here you need a phd to work as a psychologist.

You need a masters at least to be a counselor. You get experience through a masters program because you have to do an internship and field work. Most counseling requires a 2 year degree.

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I haven’t worked in my field, engineering technology. A lot of engineering tech jobs require secret clearance from the government. I’m not sure I qualify after an involuntary hospital stay.

I have a Secret security clearance. Used to have a top secret.

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Well, I studied Janitorial Science for four years and graduated with honors and it really paid off. I can vacuum a building with one hand tied behind my back and blindfolded.


Isn’t your memory like very bad, I am struggling to remember stuff on 10mg abilify

I have no problem with the work itself. My problem is dealing with coworkers, commuting, presentations and meetings. I wish more places made work from home provisions for mentally ill persons in my country.

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That’s understandable, what problems did you face while commuting etc?

I’m cleared to pick up my own mail.

Long commute time, traffic, bad weather, crowds … stressful

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I flunked out of meteorology then went to junior college to take history in my 40’s where I got an associate’s. Then I went to the Psych Ward and never did anything else. I had a cousin who got a bachelor’s in Education but ended up being a Wal Mart employee who was also mentally ill. It’s a depressing subject that for many of us the illness or in my case the wrong drug can be a knockout punch. It does hearten me to see you guys who ended up doing something else successfully.

I briefly worked in security after I got out of the military. It was the worst job I ever had, but I landed it because I was a veteran and I have an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

I also briefly worked as an office clerk with my CCAF degree in human resources.

Other than that I haven’t made much use of my degrees.

I’m debating on finishing my BA in liberal arts, or going back to my community college for something more marketable like computers or office technology.


I studied biomed then nutrition masters level.

I am a cleaner.

You may not see the connection but I do :thinking:

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Bro. Just the thing for rush hour traffic.

I’m sooooooooooo jealous.


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