Anyone who's been able to lower their medication after using supplements etc?

I’d like to hear if anyone’s done that. :slight_smile:

There’s no effective supplements for sz. I have tried a ton, wasted money and time. Supplements can’t replace medications and they are much weaker or do nothing or give you side effects. Sarcosine gave me headaches, NAC made me itchy, Amyloban/Lions Mane did nothing. Most likely when you see a small improvement its just temporary placebo.


I experienced this, I would feel a small energy bump for 1-2 days then its all gone after.

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Usually supplements are a waste for schizophrenia and psychotic disorders.
It really is the placebo effect.
@Aziz is spot on.

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It depends. Acetycholine opposes dopamine levels so supplements which improve acetylcholine level in brain help to reduce medication dose. These include lione’s mane mushroom, cdp choline, phosphatidylserine etc. Side effect is since it lowers dopamine it can worsen negative symptoms and depression in some.

NAC, sacrosine and other glycine supplements are reported to help negative symptoms in some. These things increase the glutathione levels in brain which helps to reduce oxidative stress.

Anyway these not give a significant reduction in symptoms thus you might still need to take AP if have positive symptoms.

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I’ve been using CBD in conjunction with my main APs and AD, and the CBD has worked wonders for me. I wouldn’t wanna stop my main meds, but the CBD has helped with my mood, anxiety, and depression big time. I take a CBD supplement capsule twice daily, and use the flower as needed.

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Yes cheapest is always the medication. Supplements and other things are very expensive and also not give the desired effect especially for reducing positive symptoms. Niacin thing work for some but it can affect liver function seriously if take in massive doses daily so not a viable solution.

I tried was reccomend here on the forum l theanine and glycine its been helping alot for my sleep.

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Stay away from supplements and stick to science. You can look up studies about your meds on google scholar.

Here’s lancet study for comparative efficacy of 32 antipsychotics:

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I lowered meds without supplements. I just got better

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I have tried a lot of supplements. I haven’t really been able to lower my dose, but supplementing helps me to achieve a better quality of life while on medication. Certain supplements seem to help against some of the side effects of the AP like drowsiness, lack of concentration, poor sleep, OCD, out of control inner voice, etc.

Some of what I take is: fish oil, magnesium, NAC, glycine, lechitin and niacin.

Also many supplements seem to help me combat depression naturally, so I don’t need any meds for that.

Some I take are vitamin D and raw cocoa.

LS! I spent more than 50K on supplements in the last 25 years. Even though they make me feel better, never could I lower my medication because of this.

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I was finally ready and able to wean off Effexor. Part of that I believe was taking Omega 3s. They made my brain more resilience to the effects of withdrawal

Substitute? No

I’ve tried a lot of supplements. The two that have worked well are Sarcosine and Amyloban 3399. I notice that I’m missing a bit of an edge cognitively without my Sarcosine. The Amyloban has allowed me to reduce my AP – Geodon – down to a maintenance dose. I take both with my doctor’s supervision.

With the Amyloban 3399, one pdoc agreed that it worked, tried some other patients on it, and found it worked for between 1/3 to about 1/2. Some reported it increased their discomfort. In my own case I find my positive symptoms get worse when I stop the Amyloban. Usually within a week or two and I have to up my AP dose. It also doesn’t replace my AP, I need to take my lower dose of Geodon with it. I don’t know why, but it’s this specific brand that works. Trying to swap out a cheaper mushroom product has failed every time. Maybe @naturallycured can tell you why that is, I just know that it is.

Finally, the Amyloban has really helped with pain from nerve damage in my neck, shoulders, and back (injury from my youth). I had been prescribed Vicodin for pain management. Was able to step down to Tylenol on the Amyloban. When I’m off it the pain becomes unmanageable within a month. This was a completely unexpected benefit. I’ve been on it long enough that we know it’s not placebo effect. Have the backing of a few doctors in continuing to use it now and they’re telling their patients to try it.

I’ve tried a lot of other stuff like mega Niacin doses, fish oil, etc., and it didn’t work at all. Sarcosine and Amyloban 3399 are the standouts for me.

Hope this helps.

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