Anyone who play golf

I play golf with my family. I am a bogey player. But sometimes when I hit a bad shot, I felt bad and after playing golf I felt stressful. Anyone who play golf please advice me how to manage stress and
some good tips for me.

I’m not the best so don’t ask me but enjoy a good shot and don’t stress about the bad. Good golf players I’ve found still play bad shots. It’s so much a mental game so don’t get down on yourself for playing a bad one.

To enjoy golf I’ve found that appreciate your good shots and just move to the next. It shouldn’t be stressful unless your playing off zip and trying to be professional. It’s a good game so treat it like that. Try to improve all the time as it’s something most will never master.

I used to play golf as a little kid. The sport in and of itself is pretty relaxing.

I remember when I was 10 I made a perfect chip shot from 30 feet away and made it into the whole. I was proud of myself for that one!

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