Anyone watched a close parent die of cancer?

Could do with some support via email. Trusted website advice x
I’m just not in denial right now, she’s not being honest.
She has a hospital appointment
She might be bussing it to London to an appointment without being honest
She hasn’t admitted it but I think she has eye cancer, which may already have metastasised to her liver, she looked yellow today
I take it almost as given that you can’t talk about it anywhere
It happens to everyone and you just don’t talk about it?

sorry you are going through this… :heart:
maybe she wants to get a proper diagnoses before she shares the information.
people survive cancer.
i know now 10 people who have had different cancers…only one died. ( of brain cancer )
take care :alien:


Thanks darksith xxx

Yeah you are probably right.

I don’t know -

guess I don’t confront her about why she is going to london. She usually drives, and it’s 4 hours away, she got me to help book a coach.

I suppose if she is about to lose an eye she has every right to hide it until it’s a definite

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sorry - i don’t know if it has metastasised

I guess that seeing her looking yellow could easily have been the light.

She has had a dark patch / spot on her eye for quite a long time

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Sorry to hear about the news - I agree with Darksith maybe she just wants to know for sure before she tells anyone. My dad had cancer but with treatment he no longer has it. Recovery is possible do not give up hope.


Thanks ish.

I hope it’s still early x