Anyone watch Survivor?

it airs tonight (today for me I have to download it).
I’m really excited to see it, I’ve been watching since I was a kid as early as I can remember. I still have huge memories of how rupert was like the father figure (old old days of survivor).

Anyone else watch?
I always feel better when Survivor is on, and it’s good because it airs twice a year but it’s a bit lame because you have to wait for a few months and end up feeling bored waiting for it to come out again.

I used to watch it. Coach was funny. I loved the seasons with him in it. Dont watch it anymore though

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coach was awesome

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I find it humorous that a show called survivor eliminates everyone but one person.

Shouldn’t it be called the opposite of survivor?

I think that’s the point.
To be the sole survivor of a group alas the Survivor?

So maybe it should be called killer?

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Survivor isn’t what they should have called it, just sayin.

You want to survive you don’t kill off every person there right? Then it’s just you there and you’ll die to.

Maybe killer, or simply war?

How about eliminator as a title?

you make a good point

I am fool of good points.

I in fact am incapable of making a bad one.

Because i am amazing, truly wonderful actually.


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