Anyone want to sponsor a has been

yes is true my main computer is down and I cannot do more graphical artanybody got a computer they can just throw away at meI’m lucky to at least have service to where I get on the internet.

I do miss the art work, but I can’t really help you out.

Good luck drZen

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oh great this man I’m definitely not going to get a computer this time I have a laptop but its mashed I have a tablet but now if it starts to do is not good for what I’ve done I need a regular desktop with Windows 7 or morebut like I said nobody wants to sponsor nobody

What is the cost of what you are looking?

Walmart is having a sale on one for less than 300

Ok. What do I have to do? I am not sure how to do this while keeping docs private. Does anyone know? Maybe call the walmart when you are there?

Can you pm me?

You could get his shipping info and order something off the internet. Just have it shipped to him. That way you can keep you info safe. Walmart does site to store and ■■■■ but I’ve never dealt with that.

But that reveals his docs.

I was thinking calling the exact store at the exact time and having the rep let me speak to him briefly might work???

Just his address. If he revealed it privately through email. I guess that gets email addresses involved. I thought about helping him out as well, but money is precious.

Good on you though. Pretty cool.

I have been missing his art.