Anyone want to play a mmo video game?

I’m looking for people to play Heat which can be found on steam. I’m addicted to this game and have played 1000 hours so far but I can’t find anyone to team up with.

The game takes place in the Wild West with guns, horses, animals you can tame. You can even raise kids who can help you hunt. There’s also the pvp aspect to it so building a strong base is key and getting dynamite so you can attack back too.

Most of it is pve as building the base and leveling up takes some time. You can even become president.

I really like this game. If anyone wants to give it a shot in eu time zone it’s only $15 I think, one time payment.

Feel free to ask any questions or pm me. fingers crossed


I’m curious about this game. I’m gonna read some reviews, I need to know more about it and if my low end laptop can run it. Is it mostly a first person shooter? I’ll go check it out.

It needs a higher end rig to work right. It’s got some FPS elements but I spend most my time building bases

sounds kinda interesting, im kinda picky what games to start playing. Im not doing much gaming nowdays, there are times I will binge though. My comp is not so great as well, there are couple of other games I would want to try or maymbe get into.

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