Anyone wanna talk? Pm me

Sorry guys I’m bored so anyone wanna talk?

When is your baby due?

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I’m 4weeks along so…

Fingers crossed it all goes well. :sunny:

Why do people say that? It makes me worry…

Older people say that. Younger people don’t. It’s just one of those things I guess.

:confused: 151515

It’s just us older folk worry more ! :upside_down_face:

Well y’all need a stop y’alls worrying before y’all get old!


I’m 31 and I say that all the time.

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Wait, am I old now?

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If you’re old I’m 7 years from being old.

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So you’re due the end of June? That’s so exciting! Statistically summer babies are sick less often. Bonus!

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Yeah! Omg I can’t wait to meet him/her

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Do you get to stay on your same meds or do you have to switch?

The Obgyn said since the baby has already been exposed to it there is no use taking me off of it if any damage was to happen it’s already done

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You should ask to see a maternal fetal medicine specialist or an obstetric psychiatrist if one is available to make sure. I wouldn’t trust a regular OB to know how to handle meds they’re not familiar with.

Also, fun fact, sz makes it more likely for you to have a small for gestational age or large for gestational age baby. Mine was LGA at just shy of 11lbs/5kg. I can find the research if you want to read it. I think I have it bookmarked somewhere.

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All the best with your pregnancy. :slight_smile:

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Oh I’m not sure if there is one around… Idk what all that means? Does it mean I’ll have a big baby?

Thanks. 15151515