Anyone wanna help me understand this Vampire Weekend music video!?


I thought it was AI w/the bugs crawling around and the robot hand. Many mainstays of the typical stuff the band used to do.

Anyone who knows music (I don’t) help me understand what they were doing with the guitars? What was special about it?

They’ve got a new album coming out this year. YAY!

In any case, I feel like these guys rose to the occasion and if the new album is like this…that’s gonna be great!


I really like Vampire Weekend and this song is great! I didn’t know there was a new album out :slight_smile:


The song was neat, I think in interview they said a new guitarist named steve lacy will be contributing some guitar parts to the album…if imminent, to me that’s a great convergence…the internet is special music!

AI “the robot hand” I think, is a kid playing on the garden looking at insects “us”. When you see the molted exoskeleton of the beetle, its like the AI “finds our flesh and blood biology to be strange”.

Now I’ve just gotta find a way to get the album. Maybe itunes or whatever apples doing these days.


My fav song by them is cousins

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Check this out @Borath.

Get in here @leaf, get in here @arlbar!


@77nick77, @montezuma!

Paul simon fans unite.


:slight_smile: My favorite Paul Simon song might be “Slip Sliding Away.”

I have his album Graceland on vinyl.

Take care @Alejandro.

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Awesome song! I wish I could play like that! :guitar:

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I always liked “You Can Call me Al”. It was a catchy tune and the video was funny.

“50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” was a clever song.


Yay! 1515151515


@Borath, get in here, I respect and love you and everyone, we had an exchange about this band.

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Hey, @Alejandro, I listened to the track and liked it. The bass is acoustic upright and sounds live, not sampled. Drums are either sequenced or live, but electronic, whatever. The acoustic guitar parts are probably live, but overdubbed. I like the lead vocalist’s voice, and the song is quite nice. Not sure what the bugs in the video are about, but I really liked the inchworm!

Take care –

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