Anyone wanna chat?

I can chat… 1515151515

How are you? Do you suffer from schizophrenia

I suffer from life itself… I had schizophrenia, bipolar, schizoaffective, OCD, etc…

I am not sure what is with me. But I know that people don’t like to be with me.

How about you? How is your life?

I want chat ,

Masala puri plus pani puri :crazy_face:

How are you Amigo / Amiga ?

I like Bhel puri and Pav bhaji in Chats… :slight_smile:

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hi im good, jsut winding down for the night. what about you?

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people dont like to be with me either. hence why im looking for friends

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I am planning for a movie in the evening with my childhood friend

The movie name is Kalki

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What is it about

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The climax is bit religious. Can’t type it here.

But the way they connect people to the history of gods is kick ass


In 3102 BC, following the Kurukshetra War, Ashwatthama attempts to kill Uttarā’s unborn child by invoking the Brahmashirastra, a godly weapon of unimaginable destruction. For committing the act, Krishna, the 8th reincarnation of Vishnu, curses him to roam the earth as an immortal and witness humanity’s misery as a result of societal and moral deterioration in the Kali Yuga. His divine gem is also taken from his forehead, and his redemption is destined to occur through protecting the mother of Vishnu’s next reincarnation, Kalki, towards the end of Kali Yuga.[b]

In 2898 AD, six thousand years after the events of the Kurukshetra War, the desertified city of Kasi stands as the last known city in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by Supreme Yaskin, a totalitarian god-king. Yaskin rules from the “Complex”, an inverted-pyramidal-megastructure that hovers above the city, extracting Earth’s resources to sustain a gated paradise accessible only to those who can pay 1 million “units”. His authority is enforced by Commander Manas, Counsellor Bani and the Raiders, who vigilantly guard against threats, particularly the prophesied arrival of Kalki.

In this dystopian society, fertile female refugees in Kasi are forcibly taken to the Complex for Project K, an experiment aimed at producing a life-extending serum for the 200-year-old Yaskin through artificially inseminated foetuses. However, no woman survives more than 120 days of pregnancy, resulting in their deaths. Raia, a young girl disguised as a boy, narrowly escapes conscription with the help of rebels led by Rumi from the hidden city of Shambhala.[c] Rumi and Divya, a pregnant woman believed to be carrying Kalki, are captured and publicly executed by Manas for refusing to reveal Shambhala’s location. After Manas sets a bounty on Shambhala rebels, Raia finds refuge in a cave where she encounters Ashwatthama. She unknowingly brings him his divine gem, Shivamani, which has been found by and passed on among the Shambhala rebels. Together, they set out to find the real mother of Kalki.

SUM-80, a Project K subject hiding her 150-day pregnancy, is eventually ousted and captured. Manas extracts a single drop of serum from her foetus before the procedure is interrupted by Lilly, a Shambhala rebel posing as a Project K subject. Lilly helps SUM-80 escape the lab, but stays behind to hold off the Raiders. SUM-80 is received by Veeran, Kyra, and Ajju, Shambhala rebels contacted by Lilly. Kyra renames SUM-80 as “Sumathi”. En route to Shambhala, their convoy is ambushed by bounty hunters and Raiders after Manas places a bounty on Sumathi. Though they fend off the attackers, Kyra is killed.

Bhairava, a bounty hunter aiming to secure Sumathi’s bounty to enter the Complex, remains in pursuit with his AI supercar, Bujji. Ashwatthama learns through his gem that Sumathi’s unborn child is Kalki. Despite Bhairava’s efforts, Ashwatthama subdues him and the party reaches Shambhala, where the tree of life blooms in Kalki’s presence. Bhairava makes a deal with Manas to capture Sumathi in exchange for his entry into the Complex.

Bhairava discovers Shambhala by deceiving a rebel, Luke, and disguises himself as Ashwatthama by using his hologram technology. He convinces Sumathi to flee Shambhala, but they are intercepted by the real Ashwatthama. As they fight, Shambhala’s leader, Mariam, attempts to take Sumathi away to safety. Manas and the Raiders track Bhairava to Shambhala and breach its defences with a beam weapon. The Raiders overwhelm the Shambhalan army, and Mariam is killed after slashing Manas’ face. He then chains Ashwatthama, whose walking stick falls into the unconscious Bhairava’s hands, where it is actually revealed to be Karna’s bow, the Vijaya Dhanush.

Bhairava wield Karna bow and gain its power, possibly hinting him as descendant of Karna. Bhairava effortlessly defends Sumathi and Ashwatthama against the Raiders. Bhairava uses the bow to rescue Sumathi and kill Manas. Ashwatthama, recognising his former friend and brother-in-arms, breaks free, but Bhairava reverts to his former self due to a distraction caused by Bujji and takes Sumathi away. Back at the Complex, Yaskin is informed of Manas’s failure and death by Counsellor Bani. He uses the extracted serum drop to transform into a much younger superhuman. He picks up Arjuna’s bow, Gandiva, and declares to personally capture Sumathi and her child to reshape the world.

Oh wow sounds interesting

Hi how are you?

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What’s up @misssad ?

Hi how are you?

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I am ok :smiling_face:

How about you ?

By the way I see you always reply through email.

Was up ?

Nothing much. Just going to an AA meeting. What about you?

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Good, just woke up.

Gonna play RDR1 soon.

Oooh fun. How’s that


Pretty entertaining. Keeps me busy.

What do you do for fun ?

Nothing really. You?

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