Anyone use ps4 share factory

I just found out ps4 has a decent video editor…its not as good as one on PC…but its better than what I was using…all you could do was pick a start and end spot…

Now I can add text and slomo ans speed ups …and voice if I find my mic…anyone using this and have tips

You can use slomo then on the log sawing video to amp up the excitement :grin:

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Nice…I was thinking record many boring scenes played in x2 speed with Benny hill music…but extra painful sounds fun too…I have like 60 videos up and you guys can’t get enough of the 2 boring life in the witcher videos…lol…with voice I could be funnier maybe…possible grow larger…I haven’t sat down long enough to mess with it yet I’m pacing…

With benny hill music! Lol that’s too funny! :smile:

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