Anyone up?

I have a hard time sleeping and the few people I do know are asleep at this time…it’s still early only 1130ish… But if anyone wants to share on their day I’d enjoy reading about it…anything to seem normal at night…

its 530am here in the uk

R u just waking up or can’t sleep?..

10:30 here :stuck_out_tongue: I’m studying for a test :confounded:
It is on the incredibly boring United States court system. Every judge. Every ruling. I’m waiting for my brain to fall out of my ears…

It’s 12:30 here in the Midwest of the US. Not much going on here. We went to karaoke tonight, and now I can’t sleep. I see the pdoc in 14 hours. I’d say tomorrow, but we’re already there. :wink:

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my friend was staying with my mum last night and she didnt sleep so turned up about a minute ago, i said she can use my bed :confused:

Hmmmm… Usually run outta things to do at night…the cat is laying on me and I can’t even watch my mindless cartoons on Hulu cause my sis bf is sleeping on the couch…she kicked him outta her room… I envy having something to do even if it’s studying

Well at least u got some sleep right…them sleepless nights r never good

It’s 7.45 AM here. I’ve been up since 5 AM.

Kid just went to school. Just me and my pets at home.

Try reading or listen to music. Reading always makes me sleepy. Music makes me calm.


7.45 AM and I should be asleep but I am awake and elated.

In my maniac modes…i tend to learn random crafts. I can officially lockpick(got into some trouble with that though), leather craft, make armor, make smoke bombs, craft a fire that can melt a knife, and make home made tasers. Don’t do that last one. Hurts like hell.

Haha…I’m learning Hebrew in my spare time…why? Don’t really know yet… I try reading but I get so caught up in stories… And music talks to me…but hey sooner or later I sleep… It’s funny it’s the issue of the night here and for most of u it’s morning…

Doing random things in spare time are the most odd. Once, i tried to write a play. I am pretty sure it sucked XD. Ahh, I need me sleep soon.

Nope gotta get that studying done… Just kidding…

Booooo I hate this studying XD. Instead of actually working I’ve just been looking up coloring pictures of U.S. supreme court justices for the last 15 minutes. Check this out:

Oh yeaH!

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Lol at the one where she’s riding a unicorn :smile:


1:16 am just woke up. Going back to the matrix of lucidity😎

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Well I have decided to try the sleep thing…night everyone and morning to this waking up


well i’m listening to Gorillaz inc and i wrote something on facebook about the decline and subsequent replacement of the British population and made it public lol basically bc i am pissed off about my p/doc who has foriegn roots, its not that i am racist its just that i wanted a Scottish doctor born and bred here :frowning: i was very disapointed and idk what he will be like, i hope he reads my notes as far back as when i was last ill, god its such a pain :frowning: my last p/doc was amazing.

One of my kittens is nicknamed Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is tiny, prim, fierce and judgy, and is never seen without her elegant jabot :smiley_cat: