Anyone up for a chat?


I am jealous now…!!! I hangout rarely… cuz i dont have friends…!!!


You have all of us that counts!


Thanks @Longhorn21 u guys are my real life friends…!!


Yeah definitely only us can try understand what we are going through each day


@Longhorn21 if u are drinking coffee dont drink…

Its kills ur sleep…!!! Drink enough water…


I’m not drinking coffee. I’m actually just seating outside enjoying the stars smoking cigarettes


Do u have ambien or zolpidem…!!! Its sleeping pills…!!!


I’m up!

I made it past “the Diablo hour” haha.

How have you been @Longhorn21?

Oh, I used to be Monte.



I can’t take ambien I’m an addict. I use to take Trazadone but my doctor took it away


I was wondering who you were and I’m doing great just wish I could sleep. It’s 4am where I’m at. How are you doing?


Oh I’m pretty decent. Just got back from the corner store to get smokes.

I got a new guitar yesterday! :slight_smile: I love it, my only problem with it is the action is a little high, but I go to a good guitar shop that can have it adjusted.

Yeah, not being able to sleep sucks. Haha. I was asleep earlier, but woke up because of nightmares.


I need a good smoke but can’t go outside to my neighborhood at this time. I get to paranoid.

Sweet I wish I still played. Ive been trying to sleep but just can’t. I’m very hungry now.


I feel ya, I get paranoid walking around my hood this time of night too. Haha. I’m being somewhat facetious though. I live in a relatively safe area.

Awww yes, the late night munchies! I had some corndogs earlier. lol.


I really want some tacos to be honest lol some bacon egg and cheese sound pretty good right about now


Oh good gods that sounds so good right now!

:yum: lol.

I sometimes go to McDonald’s when they open super early, and I get exactly 5 of their breakfast burritos.

So do you have a guitar you can jam on from time to time?


You know what that sounds like a good idea! McDonald’s burritos it is for breakfast!

No unfortunately I had to sale all my instruments because we were going through a financial struggle.


Yaaaay burritos! Haha :slight_smile:

Aww sorry to hear about the financial struggles. I’ve been there before, too.

I sold off a beautiful, black acoustic guitar I had. This was a very long time ago though. I think I got 50 dollars for it, case included.


Yeah I had a wooden pine oak acoustic and a fender electric. Silver trumpet and a base saxophone


I’m sorry to hear you had to sale such beautiful instruments.

Perhaps one day you’ll get all of those back, or at least some similar instruments.



Yeah I miss playing it’s been 5 years now. It really sucks and slowly I’m starting to lose my ability to read music.