Anyone up for a chat?


Sorry to hear that but proud that your sober! I’m 11 months sober make it a year on the 30th


Then we’ll have to have a Gatorade party!


Sounds good to me! Do you attend AA?


I actually joined a church instead. I’m not allowed to talk spirituality here, tho. It’s an unwritten rule – because it can trigger psychosis.


Oh o didn’t know that. You can PM me instead of you like


Sure, we can do that. You can PM me, too. But there’s actually not that much religion-wise to talk about. I think it’s more the accountability to a group of people.


I didn’t really want to get into religion I just thought you want to explain further in on what you do to stay sober


I hit my bottom, basically. When I did that there wasn’t much temptation to drink more. And lots of ice cream, ha-ha!


I’m here :slight_smile:


I hit bottom twice it took the 2nd time of almost dying to realize I needed to make a change.


What up @Nova how you doing?


I’m tired, I just woke up, haha.
Now I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy.

How about you?


Dude I love Greys Anatomy!!! I can’t sleep so I’m watching blue bloods


I dont work cuz i cant…!!!


@Longhorn21 do u live with ur parents…!!!

@Mountainman was up man…???


I just woke up should still be asleep, have a busy day ahead it is 2:23 am here


Nope I live in a sober living house in Pattinson, Texas


U mean group home…!!! Its nice to have friends…


Yeah that’s what sober living is. We work on a farm all day and hang out everyday


Wish I could go start work now, but everyone is closed, would be so cool to be finished at 10 am