Anyone try Alpha Lipoic Acid?

I read that it’s an antioxidant like NAC. Just curious if it worked for anyone else?

I feel a mild effect when I take it but I am sure it is helping me alot even though I can’t feel it, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants out there.

Thanks for the help @dmdar

Its a daily part of my stack. It works at the "fuel cells of the body " - the mitochondria. It is synergistic with Glutathione and NAC. Also helps with blood sugar levels.
Stacks well with Carnitine ( as that transports lipids to the mitochondria) for weight loss effects and also with Glutathione for antioxidant and anti aging effects (there are often bundled together in injections - best way to take Glutha as the bioavailability orally is so poor)
Here;s a good reference

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I’m looking into this. Thanks @unaventures.

I have a feeling that the newest antipsychotics, Lurasidone and Brexpiprazole,
are also the safest ones.
Especially Brexpiprazole