Anyone tried lithium supplement?

I ordered some lithium as a supplement 1mg/dose. Will I experience any difference in mood?

I was thinking I’d start with taking two pills every night before bedtime. I’ve read some anecdotal evidence on 5mg/dose and that it can be beneficial for depression and mood. So I’m starting with a very low dose.

I think I was prescribed lithium before I was properly diagnosed with sz…many years ago. I don’t remember it affecting me much.

There’s a huge difference between medicinal intake and supplemental lithium. I’m talking about very small dosage.

I just hope there is no drug interactions. :smile:

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I’m not even 100% it was lithium it was so long ago so probably just ignore my post. Haha. I can’t provide any useful information based on my limited recollection of it. It was just a one time prescription whatever it was.

Haha! Ok. 151514

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