Anyone tried Farming?

I worked as urban farmer…

But this covid lockdown put me back home and I lost my mind again…

Need to start from scratch and find a new job…

But I learnt one thing though…

Just engage my self mentally and physically…

I think farming is best for me…

Any of you guys tried this occupation…?


what is urban farming

i myself would like to engage in some light job

Its farming in your back yard or terrace in small scale … That to in hydroponics it would work out well…

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sounds cool but difficult to do

for that u need ur own backyard or terrace

A room would be also fine if you have the right equipments… You can also check out how to grow microgreens in YouTube … There are plenty of vedios…

wow a room thats great.
maybe i will check it out later

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My sister is a farmer. My cousin does urban farming.

I’ve tried farming. Maybe it is for me but it didn’t seem so at the time. I’d like to try farming again.

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I used to farm. In the 90s.

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My mother is a farmer/gardener so I’ve been involved in many things related to it. I think that it’s a valuable and a honorable job. Lots of the older people start to love it in the later age. I guess it’s magic relies to be doing something that is close to the nature and the value to grow food etc.


the closest thing i’ve come to farming is my vegetable garden. it made me realize, i have no desire to farm. if i did, i would grow garbanzo beans. or maybe have a vineyard.

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Worked on the in-laws’ farm nearly a decade back. They raised crops and had cattle. Got to drive around a big arse tractor and work with livestock. Can’t say I enjoyed it. The small garden in our back yard is more my style now.


I used to work on a subsistence farm, in exchange for room and board. I was not a fan. I am a city kid, through and through.