Anyone tried Alpha GPC?

Its a nootropic that increase acetylcholine so its synergestic with Huperzine A. I have been taking it for a few days, maybe I need to increase dose but its expensive.

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dude, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…don’t just swing down and take something you read on the internet or something…did your pdoc prescribe this to you or are you playing doctor?

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Its not a medication, it an otc supplement. Huperzine A is helping me so I thought since Alpha GPC also works the same way it should help too.

noooo man…stop it I say…that’s only my opinion…stop trying to turn knobs on your illness…antipsychotics are enough.

Some supplements work for some people. Sarcosine, taurine for example. But you should always ask your doctor before taking them to see if they interact badly with any medication or other supplement you’re already taking. Or certain supplements may not be safe for people with certain illnesses or health conditions. So it’s wise to read up on them or ask your doctor if they’re safe before taking them. But sarcosine seems to work for some schizophrenics and there’s other supplements that may work for schizophrenia.

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Alpha GPC has been banned in some countries, including Norway. Recent studies found that it significantly increases risk of cardiovascular disease.

I use cdp-choline instead. It is very similar to alpha gpc, but without the risk attached to it.


I will stop it as its not doing anything too. What about Huperzine A? Is it banned in Norway?

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Don’t know. Never tried it yet.

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