Anyone tried a spiritual method

Hi everyone ,
Has anyone tried to include spiritual methods to heal schizophrenia. I believe it can help.

I am going to suggest one simple tip which is to listen to a holy recitation of Quran. It works for non-Muslims too. Please let us know about the results

Do a google search for ‘Surah Rahman by Abdul Basit’ and download.Listen to it 3 times daily.

The spirituality of AA helped me kick drugs. Just being a member also was good for my recovery for schizophrenia too. Would I totally depend on spirituality to solve my problems? No I wouldn’t.

Yeah i tried spiritual methods. It made things much worse for me

Some illnesses are caused by a combination of factors.Some are purely biological and some are spiritual.Yes you have to take medications. Serotonin pays a big role in schizophrenia and its synthesized from tryptophan.

If you eat protein,include BCCA to block serotonin synthesis.

Another spiritual method is to recite ‘YA Qahaaru’ - this is one of names of God,according to Islamic religion.This tip comes from a person who does exorcism. When you recite this,your symptoms may worsen initially or some force may try to stop you.But if can overcome the challenge you can very well be on the road to full recovery. Try to recite it in thousands in a day.

i used to listen to quran and read it completly through just couple of months before my schizophrenia. didnt help me. also i used to read the popes letters and daily meditation right before the breakdown. didnt help either. it seems that religion only contributed to my illness.


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