Anyone tortured with love b4 .....?

that isolation
i feel myself isolated on the internet
i rarely find someone to talk to in the internet

voices keep saying to me this girl like you
and we talked so much
at the end i find she dont love me at all!!!
after years of thinking that she loves me !!!

i dont find anyone love me

voices keep pushing me to find love
i think it is a way of torture
i tell them i dont want any lover!!!


Maybe you do want a lover and can’t admit it to yourself.

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I need to love myself first before loving someone else.

What I hate is he swept off my feet by women.

but i can make myself to forget that
but voices keep talking to me i should find love
away of torture !!!
■■■■ them damn on them

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Maybe if a woman took some time to get to know me instead of usurping my power immediately she’d have a chance at knowing me. The way things are going I’m going to be lost.

pourquoi vous deteste vous-meme ??

sorry my english is not so good :joy: :joy:

what is the reason that made you hate yourself
we as persons with chronic illness must love ourselves
we dont have anyother thing to love !!!
but honestly i hate myself sometimes
but as i said to u i hvnt anyother thing to love
for me i love myself becoz i beared many big problems in my life and stayed strong and achieved many things despite all of this
and as i said i dont have any other thing to love !!!

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I think we can all find love as long as we dont give up hope. I keep swiping on dating apps even though most girls turn away when i tell them im on disability with schizophrenia

I am a burden on my parents and on society. My brother once called me a leech and a parasite.

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my problem is nt i m not loving myself
my problem is i dont find anyone to love me :laughing:
i think the reason behind that is
the cogntive problems is
i dont take care well of my clothes and my view !!!

Well one thing you can do to increase your chances of dating with sz is to work.

Also be in shape, lose weight, build muscles etc I think its easier to say than doing. I can’t do these things myself :frowning:

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the most improtant instruction of my doctor is to work …
this will keep you away from the voices and build your confidence and so on
cant you work even part time ?
cant you even volunteer ?

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I used to work almost full time in 2019-2020 on 80mg Latuda but now on 5mg risperidone I can’t. Do you work?

you better find a better doctor
even if you immigrate to another country to enjoy better life (good doctor and better life )
yeah i follow my doctor instructions

I dont see the point in volunteering. Might as well work part time and get paid for your work


If there is a long gap of unemployment in any person’s job history, present day or current volunteering will replace that gap of unemployment which majority of schizophrenics are known for. Employers will see long gaps of unemployment as a “red flag”. I understand time is money and using your time for unpaid work seems illogical but there are benefits to volunteering.


Okay. Thats a good point. I have a 2 year gap in unemployment

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I also just recently broke up with my boyfriend. He had it too so we understood each other about meds, voices and etc.
I feel like it’s such a sad thing it ended. We had a good thing going. We were planning on living together in the US.

Now I’ve so much time on my hands to a point I get bored. To avoid intrusive thoughts I just lurk here and mingle with people with the same illness.

Just sharing about tortured love.

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