Anyone took ativan before?

I’m taking 1mg everyday, it’s been less than a week…

How lomg does it take to become tolerant and dependent on it?

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Yea i took that stuff in hospital as a sleep aid. I became dependent pretty fast like a week or two. But became independent just as fast. Im sleeping without sleep aids fine now.

I think its best to use it until you get your sleep schedule back on point

I took ativan for 6mo after I had my baby for postpartum issues,

It worked the whole time and I had no problem getting off of them when the time came.

I guess everyone is different,

But my experience was positive.

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It can happen pretty quickly. It depends on the person of course but you can notice the dose becoming less effective within a week. I had benzo withdrawal after being hospitalized for 8 days where I took it very regularly. I take .25mg now (I’m very sensitive) and if I take it more than twice or so within a week it becomes much less effective. If I don’t take it for a week or so after my tolerance seems to reset. Recently I’ve had horrible insomnia and I have taken it multiple times over the course of 2 weeks and it’s made me feel pretty awful.

Do they want you to take 1mg daily long term? Even without a serious dependence it can be uncomfortable to take it that regularly because your body does adjust and it’s not the type of drug that you need to have build in your system in order to be effective. It’s not an ideal long term, daily drug so hopefully your doc has given you an idea of how and why they want you to take it and what plans they have for the future.

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I’ve been on Ativan and Valium for about 2 years, you’ll notice it loses its potency pretty quick.

I took it while i was in hospital for agitation. I have some Diazepam but i only use this on rare occasions because, like Ativan, it is an addictive drug and one that you build up a tolerance to. I think if you take the drug everyday for about a fortnight - 2 weeks, you are at risk of becoming addicted to it, and you will also start building up a tolerance. Try to avoid taking it unless you absolutely have to…if you’re having problems, then it’s best to talk to your pdoc and get some medication that will help that isn’t addictive.

I used ativan sporadically for anxiety, panic attacks and as a sleep aid prn at 1 mg when needed for years. Since I rarely used it, it stayed effective. When my situation became where I needed it more often they stopped working as well. Now even 2mgs does not bring relaxation so benzos are of no use to me unless I abuse them which I do not do anymore.

I was on 3mg a day for years. I had to switch to diazepam to come off it. I was dependant on it. It took 18 months to get off it. I don’t like them. That I recall it doesn’t take long to become tolerant of it.

I take it when I need it, which is not that often. 30 pills last me a year

I take 1mg once a week, roughly. not sure if it has a positive affect on me – I became tolerant of it pretty quick

I’ve been taking Ativan 3-4 years,
For some weird reason it’s the only thing that has worked in my case for my disease, (idk for some reason a anxiety pill has worked for changing my state of mind)
It’s the only pill I take, besides a sleeping pill. (Take 4mg daily)

I’ve been taking it so long I probably have built a high tolerance to it, I can notice it work more/better so to say I miss a day or two and take more the next day etc, something I noticed/know, 1mg dosages really do nothing for me, need 2mg to have a effect from it.

It still works after 4years so idk

My previous pdoc had given me ativan, 2.5mg x 3. But I stopped it lest it becomes addiction

I took a half mg. of it a few days ago and it worked really fast on my neurotic lip pressing. Faster than Klonipin.

I’ve taken them before. It’s as helpful as those type of pills are, as there’s always a chance that you can abuse the medication. It works best short term, I wouldn’t want to get a dependency on it.

Once I almost fell out of a window by accident because I had taken one of those things. You have to be carful.

It just calmed me down a bit. I didn’t find it addictive, but my psychiatrist at the time felt that benzos could be habit forming so she only ever prescribed one bottle for me.

They injected me with a boat load full of Ativan at the psychiatric hospital.
I was hallucinating from the stuff.
But I think that it was mixed in with another drug.
Not Haldol.