Anyone took an Iodine / Bromine / Fluorine test? Bromine intoxification is a known cause of schizophrenia and other mental disorders

10 Health Dangers of Bromine

9th May 2014
By Dr. Edward F. Group
Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Bromine is a chemical compound frequently used in flame retardants, baking ingredients, cell phones, plastic, dye, soda, and prescription drugs. Despite the warnings from the Centers for Disease Control about the serious, long-term health effects from constant exposure, use of the chemical shows no signs of slowing down.[1] Why should you care? Because research has identified the following 10 dangers of bromine as the most damaging to human health.

  1. Disrupts Thyroid Function

Exposure to bromine severely impacts the thyroid gland and causes hormonal issues. Bromine competes with iodine, an essential nutrient that supports the health of the thyroid. Bromine and iodine are absorbed in similar fashion and animal research has found that bromine exposure limits availability of iodine to the thyroid and interferes with hormone production.[2] [3] [4] [5] [6]. The flame retardant PCBE, for example, has specifically been fingered as a thyroid and endocrine disruptor.[7] This is a HUGE problem — an impaired thyroid can lead to hypothyroidism, goiter, and hormonal imbalance.

  1. Increased Risk of Preterm Birth and Birth Defects

Iodine plays an integral role in conception and gestation. When bromine replaces iodine during pregnancy, expectant mothers may be at an increased risk for delivering preterm babies. Avoiding bromine can be tricky as it’s often used during water purification. One study found that mothers exposed to higher levels of bromine showed an increased risk of preterm delivery.[8] An Australian study even reported a link between bromide exposure and birth defects.[9]

  1. Slows Neural and Cognitive Development

Children exposed to high levels of brominated compounds (PBDEs) in flame retardants are known to suffer development issues. In one study, researchers tracked children born with high levels of PBDEs for six years. At all stages, their mental and physical development lagged behind children with lower, “acceptable” levels of PBDEs.[10] Based on this fact alone, it’s shocking that any bromine exposure could be considered acceptable.

  1. Cognitive Failure

Mental dysfunction related to the overexposure to bromine is so common it even has a name — bromism.[11] In one specific case of bromism, a patient consumed vast amounts of soda that contained brominated vegetable oil. The patient experienced problems including fatigue, headache, memory problems, and loss of muscle control.[12] Next time you reach for a soda, check the label!

  1. Contributes to Mental Illness?

**Psychosis, schizophrenia, and other mental health consequences, as a result of bromine exposure, has been known for decades.[**13] Nearly 30 years ago, researchers speculated that some mental illnesses, like schizophrenia, may be misdiagnosed. Why? Because in some cases, reducing bromine levels decreased or eliminated schizophrenia symptoms. Thus, many experts believe some mental conditions may simply be a symptom of an underlying nutritional problem.[14]

  1. Skin Disorders

When bromine comes in direct contact with the skin, it can irritate or burn. Exposure to bromine has also been linked to the development of cherry angiomas and lesions.[15] [16] [17] This effect has been known for almost a century, with the term “bromine acne” noted in a text from 1926. These pus-filled eruptions and lesions were observed in individuals who took bromine for nerve conditions.[18]

  1. DNA Damage

Recent research has determined that potassium bromate, a common baking ingredient, causes oxidative damage to DNA.[19] To date, the research has involved animals; however, the human population consumes the most of this compound on a daily basis and many people are extremely concerned of its negative health implications![20]

  1. Carcinogenic Potential

The International Agency for the Research on Cancer has identified potassium bromate (the ingredient used in bread and baking) as a known carcinogen. Although tests have only been performed on animals, the Agency states it may also behave as a carcinogen in humans.[21]

  1. Toxic to the Kidneys

Potassium bromate is a known kidney toxin and has killed human embryonic kidney cells in lab tests.[22] Even the CDC acknowledges bromine may cause kidney damage.[23] Bottom line, if you prefer healthy kidneys, avoid bromine!

  1. Hearing Loss

Ears require a balance of potassium and sodium, two minerals that are helpful for promoting proper hearing. When tested on animals, potassium bromate created chemical imbalances within the inner ear. Researchers believe that an imbalance of nutrients may lead to hearing loss in humans.[24]

Protecting Yourself from Bromine

Bromine’s interferes with proper thyroid function, hormone synthesis, and kidney health. And those are just a few of the many problems associated with excessive bromine intake. Reducing your exposure to bromine and related chemicals, such as potassium bromate, is a key step to protecting your health. The next step is to ensure you have adequate iodine levels, which can be accomplished by eating iodine-rich foods or supplementing with a high-quality iodine supplement.

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

In case you need some resources, this is one of the best laboratory of the two, specializing in Iodine / Bromine / Fluorine urine loading tests, in the US.

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Adding Bromine test and Fluorine test and you will have a better idea what is going on.

If you have an iodine test, bromine gives the impression that your iodine levels are OK even though they are not.

I lost $10,000 dollars worth of hair for life transplants as the result of low levels of iodine. My eyebrows also fade away and my throat has been swollen for some time ( swollen thyroid ).

I also always seemed cold even if the room temperature was 79 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a typical symptom of low iodine levels.

I’m presently taking iodine and iodide and at least I feel warm once again. I have my fingers crossed and am hoping that at least some of my hair will grow back.

Well, the reason I provide you with the link is, the hakalalabs researched on the testing methods and take care of that problem.

They have an iodine loading test which you would be ingesting 50 mg of iodine and then they would tell you to collect all your pee before and 24 hours after that ingestion, to test for the iodine excreted (not absorbed) and the bromine released. There are other procedures to go through if the test results suggest you have a difficulty to absorb iodine too.

Oh, it’s the bromine that is causing hairloss! I have a little hair loss too! They will grow back.

It’s a pain in the ass that over the years that iodine in processed foods has been replaced with bromine for the wrong reasons.

Thanks goggles for the hopeful future projection.

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And it is unbelievable bromine are fluorine are used in foods and drugs!

I do project u will get back your health soon!

Thanks goggles. I have seemed to be very alone on this issue.

Me too! You are always welcomed to talk to me about this or other things!

I’m taking my iodine/iodide with it’s cofactors.
I am aware that it is much better to take a few things together.
WIth magnesium I’m able to sleep again.
With vitamin C and unrefined salts I’m detoxing much better.

Yes, I also am on the magnesium vitamin C list as well. I also take 5-HTP to boost my Serotonin levels.

The next thing on my list is to use sea salts.

I’m aware that they recommend Celtic and Red Himmalayan Salt only.

Some guys tried natural sea salt farming in the Dead sea and found there are Bromine added into them heavily!

You can look into alpha liopic acid. It helps your liver in chelating.

You said:
Bromine intoxification is a KNOWN CAUSE of schizophrenia and …etc
with all respect to this article ,it seems that everything in the nature is possible to be
a cause for schizophrenia,while there is no knowing with
what is the essential nature of the sz condition as it as in her/himself !!

=we said before,all scientific researches about sz,are working on a theoretical
causes of sz, while in the same time they have not trenchant definition for the sz case itself,

= this research is like any others ,is just an article “STORY” about the
effectiveness of some chemical material on the brain functions ,which
led to some physical disorder and behavior,while in reality the features of these disorders are irrelevant the actual symptoms of the schizophrenia

-we meant,the features of symptoms which generated by effects of bromine
over the brain functions is not the symptoms of any schizophrenia !

The main goal of the article ,the attempting to creating a wrong impression
in the mind of reader ,by appearance these disorders as if they are the symptoms of schizophrenia !!

=THE main problem of any organic,material,biological research,there is no relationship
between the claimed cause and the actual symptoms of sz

I ask anyone interested with the high truth of sz,to write the basic details of the actual symptoms of sz,whatever is negative or positive ,and ask the owner of the research about
the generation relationship which makes a link between the functional activity of the claimed cause and the symptoms that have been felt inside oneself !

for example,what is the generation relationship between the characteristics of bromine
and the following symptoms:
the person feels that,it seems for him that there is some people reading his thoughts,and talking with some holy personality,may be kills oneself or other,social withdrawal,radical changes in his cultural and religious believes,all aspects of paranoia feelings/thoughts…etc

what is your view if the researcher ignore or neglect the basic symptoms of sz ?

I’m sorry but I really don’t understand what u are saying and what u get from the medical news report. What I know about bromine intoxification is, it is a known of schizophrenic. Bromine exposure could lead to psychosis and sz and affective disorder.

I don’t think the author is trying to ignore/neglect the basic symptoms of sz. They are just not the focus of the discussion in the report.

You are often welcome to read any of my posts and reply to me!

If the Bromine is the CAUSE of SZ
You should say " bromine is cause the psychosis and sz and effective disorder "
instead of " bromine exposure COULD LEAD to psychosis …etc

You said: they are just not focus of the discussion in the report "
in reality,they can not focus on what is the psychosis symptoms

The question
what is the relationship between the cause and the result ?
in other words:what is the relation between the bromine and the SZ psychosis ?

Before you answer the question
,you should tell us what is the features of the
symptoms that so-called psychosis ?

in the case,if you ignore or neglect the description of the psychosis for any
reason or excuse,all what you said is irrelevant sz or its symptoms

Ok, talking about the variables.

A leads to B is a direct relationship.

Sometimes there are mediating variables, like A leads to B via C and D.

There are more than one variables contributing to an outcome in most phenomenon.

So I would not be accurate enough if I say A is THE cause of B but in fact A is a cause of B.

Bromine intoxification is a known cause of sz doesn’t mean you don’t need to consider some other contributing factors. If u want to better understand bromine / the symptoms of sz, I’m afraid u need to read up. BTW, fluorine is important to know about too.

I know,you can not answer about the essential question
i know you do every possible thing to have escaping from faced the question

=whatever the chemical characteristics of the bromine or fluorine and all possible
contributing factors,the question
how can these chemical characteristics turn into a psychological,mental,emotional
symptoms inside the basic nature of any schizophrenic individual ?

How can these chemical characteristics turn into the symptoms that
so- called the psychosis ?

in other expression,how can these chemical characteristic turn into
heard voices ?

you should prove that,it is possible to creation the heard voices
and imaginary moved pictures in the mind-brain of
any human being by action of bromine or any chemical material

in the lab and by objective tests,how can you prove that,the bromine
have the ability to causing inner bilateral communication with otherness ?
it is impossible
you have enough to saying “disorder” symptoms" " psychosis" without
paying any interesting to the accurate details of the symptoms ,the things that
you have symbolize them by litter {B} !

A causing B via C ,D,E,F…Z
then {A} is the ROOT ORIGIN of {B},wither in single direct process
or in many indirect sequence processes {affiliate /deduce }

you said;
“So i would not be accurate enough if i say A is the cause of B,but in
fact A is a cause of B”
=if you please,tell me what is the logic of these words ?

you said;
i’m afraid u need to read up
-i know every thing related the sz cause,its characteristics,the symptoms,while i see that
you know many things about the chemical materials but you have nothing to say about
the nature of sz or its symptoms

I don’t think it is another person’s responsibility to answer any or even all of your questions and if you think you know it ALL about schizophrenia, I really think I cannot help you.

If you hate me for sake asking you essential questions,
please,forget me and my questions

And look at the issue objectively
1-if someone claims that,the dopamine is the cause of schizophrenia
2-if someone claims that,there are a changes in the anatomical structure
of the brain causing the schizophrenia
3-if someone claims that,the bad psychological experience causing the sz
4- if someone claims that, A or B or C causing the sz

the question
what is the evidence ,which prove the credibility of the claimed causes ?
the claimed cause must be have the ability to creates the symptoms of sz
in someone have no sz
or explain how can the claimed cause creating the basic symptoms of sz
by the physical /chemical characteristics of the cause itself

=Again,i know ,describe and understand the accurate details for any symptom of sz whatever it is,where from you can not expected ,and above of all i do not ask help from

This is objective example explain my view

1-If we assume that,you are lose in the desert,
without food or water for a day or more,
you will feel the symptoms of fatique,loss of muscle control,
stress,loss attention followed by a feeling of some delirium symptoms
that may resemble the symptoms of sz hallucination “psychosis”

2-we can describe this case from many aspects,
loss of power and lack of compensation may be lead to the
symptoms of stress “physical symptoms” which synchronizes
the emergence of delirium symptoms “psychosis”

the critical point is that,all human beings must have these symptoms
without exception if they are in a case of disorientation in the desert

-there is no any effectiveness of external toxic materials
-the hungry is the objective cause
-this case is not biological disease or mental illness,
regardless the existence of many physical and mental symptoms !!

-all symptoms go away completely by eat and drink,
and there is no needed to the medical drugs to treatment these symptoms !!

so,if you talking about bad effects of chemical materials over the
mind-brain of the human,and you think that it is causing the symptoms
of sz,you should know
the hungry can causing these symptoms without
causing the sz case

you said;
the patient experience problems including fatigue,headache,memory problems,
and loss of muscle control (12)

  • the hungry {eat /drink nothing } can create these symptoms *