Anyone taking fat burners

im taking a natural fatburner, anyone here taking fatburners too, to help with there weightloss journey. lol im using a womens fat burner.

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No I tried to take orlistat that my gp prescribed for weight but didn’t like the side effects

They say a hot sauna burns fat. I had difficulty breathing in saunas, very hot vapor.

Turmeric may cause around 2 lbs a week of weight loss.

I heard it’s good for insulin but by no means does this mean replace these with meds

No, my cardiologist warned me away from them, they’re all highly dangerous.


I take caffeine.

2 Likes is the proper link.

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I am taking fat burner pills. The ingredients increase my ability to focus on my cardiovascular run as well as stimulate my oxygen intake from what I find.

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o nice, has been working for you, any good results.

Which was side e.?

Upset stomach and feeling yucky

I bought 2 bottles before new year’s and have been taking them since. I’ve lost 15lbs since January 1st but I think I still would have lost the weight without the fat burner pills. I think it was a waste $15/bottle to be honest.

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