Anyone take melatonin regularly?

I started to take melatonin to fix my sleeo pattern, i took quite a lot of it that i can feel it today. What is your experience with melatonin?

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For me I get better outcome if I take small doses. 1mg work better for me than 3mg. I take it on and off, because if you take it for too long without a break it can disrupt the bodys natural production.

I been taking 3mg everyday for 4 months now,my sleep is better with it and bad without it…it work

There is an MIT study that says 300mcg is the ideal amount: Scientists pinpoint dosage of melatonin for insomnia | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

But really different people respond differently to different amounts.

I’ve tried from 300mcg to 10mg.

I’ve found it useless at any dose, other than sometimes giving me dreams so intense they wake me up.

Use melatonin for long enough and your brain loses the ability to make it itself, it then takes months to recover.

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didnt work for me …but i came to know it has anti cancer effect…