Anyone take lyrica for anxiety?

I’m going to ask to get off klonopin and switch to lyrica. Does anyone take lyrica for anxiety? I’ve had it for pain before and it worked better than klonopin for me. I know my doc doesn’t like me to be on klonopin, just scared to go through withdrawal after 13 years on it.

I withdrew from klonopin twice. The first time it was intolerable. The second time I was on 5mg risperidone and I got no withdrawl symptoms! The only reason I took it again is due to other very awful med problems that were sending me to the ER. You can try

The link is to spam wtf?

I think you meant to post

No harm, no foul…

Sorry about that. Haven’t been there in a long time. But I dont know if you take an ap, you might not get bad withdrawl.

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It’s my AP for sleep not anxiety. does wonders knocking me out at bed time.

I take rexulti don’t know if that will help with withdrawal. Hopefully my doc will taper me slowly since I’ve been on it so long.

No worries about the link, thanks for posting it.