Anyone take lithium?

I read about all sorts of drugs here but I never hear anyone mention lithium. Ps I’m on it

I was on it for more than 15 years.

I’m sure a few people take lithium. it’s more for people in the bi-polar/schizoaffective spectrum. I used to take it as I’m diagnosed schizo-affective. But I only take other meds now. My Pdoc thinks I might be schizophrenic not schizo-affective because mood-stablizers were like sugar pills to me. He asked me “what do you think I should diagnose you, schizoaffective or schizophrenic”…I’m like “You’re the doctor!!! But keep with the schizoaffective!!!”


I took Lithium years and years ago for many years and it was like you say. Like taking a sugar pill. It did no good whatsoever. But back then, that’s all they had to give you.